Unique Unicorn Head „Immerstab“ Tool for soapbubbles? 

Update: If you want to sell this adult soapbubbletool, send us an Email. 

Ask for more: info@kreativfaktor.com

Brass/Wood. Our Soapbubble tool.
Luxury is green. 🎈 Ask if you need our „Immerstab“ in gold. 😘 

Its our big box. Wood, Brass, no plastic
Golden Soapbubbletool
Einhornpipi® – life is green.
No plastic. And Soapbubblefluid is diy.
made by Einhornpipi®
The Immerstab Unicornhead soapbubbletool – community design 😘🎈
Blow together. Unboxing 6.5.2017 in Bremen, Germany
 Product launch: May 2017, Price 239€ ~ 260$ 

You can get…GOLD: You love real luxury? Green. We csn made the head in gold. Ask for price

Whats inside? Info@kreativfaktor.com

And Panamapapers? So a kind of leak. About Money, and so much media. Pamamapapers.download 

And if you need only a soapbubbletool, with a unicornhead, bamboo, no plastic- Immerstab.de Launch may,6th Designhotel Überfluss Community design by Einhornpipi®🎈

lOuttake leak! Atomia Glamourowska


Einhornpipi und anderes. www.kreativfaktor.com Impressum: kreativfaktor Inh.: Niels Schumann Trinidadstr. 18 ‭‭+49 160 9386-5564‬‬ 28309 Bremen Ust.ID.Nr.:56 2009 13 482 Finanzamt Bremen-Ost

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